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> 2013 Rcccs Club Membership
Posted by lowblktaco - 01-12-12 09:14 - 2 comments
Welcome to the 2013 RCCCS Club / Race Season

This year we will open club memberships back up with some changes.

Membership Fees:
Single 14 and over - $25.00 for the year
Youth 13 and younger - $20.00 for the year
Senior 55 and over - $20.00 for the year
Family Package (immediate family) - $25.00 first, $20.00 second on

- Yearly RCCCS club T-shirt
- First race free after signing up for membership
- Present your membership card for $5 discount on each entry at club race (not valid for Novice, also see club racing specific forum for details on fees)
- Present your card at In Control Hobbies in Post Falls, B&B Hobbies on Francis, or Nitro Killers on Garland for special membership perks.
- Present your membership card at club hosted BBq's for discounted food and drink

As a club member, please do your part to help the club, the facility, and new racers!!!
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> 2013 Rcccs Summer Race Schedule
Posted by lowblktaco - 01-11-12 20:10 - 5 comments
Race Fees:

Novice (all ages) - $5.00, once class only, no nitro, membership not required

Club Member (must present membership card at time of payment):
First class - $10.00
Second class - $5.00

First class - $15.00
Second class - $10.00

No third class unless entries permit, and then the fee will be $5.00

If any class offered has less than 3 entries to run that evening, we will make every attempt to combine those vehicles with the closest (similar) class.

1/8th Buggy – would like to keep electric separate, but if turn out is too small, it will be combined.
1/8th Truck – would like to keep electric separate, but if turn out is too small, it will be combined.
2wd Corr – No distinction between open and stock
4wd Corr
1/10th truck
1/10th buggy
1/10 4 mod

Novice - Electric only

Program Outline:
5:10 Signups close. If you can’t make the 5:15 sign up in person, call ahead.
5:25 Track is closed. All vehicles off the track for track work and quiet time
5:25 Heat sheets will be posted for review. If changes are required, now is the time.
5:45 Final heat sheets will be posted. No further changes.
5:45 Mandatory Drivers meeting. All participants must attend.
6:00 pm First Round of qualifying starts. 1st race drivers on the stand, last race marshals on the track.

2 – 5 minute qualifiers for all classes

Electric Mains:
Double 6 minute A mains
Single 6 minute lower

Nitro Mains:
15 minute A main
7 minute lower main

Additional program details:
Single 1 minute call allowed for each race.
Program will not wait. Be on time to race, with correct transponder. Be on time to Marshal.
We will try to do a 10 minute break between first and second round of qualifying, however, if entries do not warrant a break, we may move right through to the second round.
Track is closed during the break
We will try to do a 10-15 minute break between qualifiers and mains, however, if entries do not warrant a break, we may move right through to the mains. Track is closed during this time.

Club Racing Rules:
~Attendance to the drivers meeting is mandatory.
~Corner marshalling after your race is mandatory. When coming off the drivers stand, set your vehicle and radio down and immediately get to your marshal spot. Failure to do so will either result in your not being allowed to run your second qualifier or your main. No exceptions. If you leave the track early and fail to be present for your marshal duties, your next evening of racing will be subject to a carried over penalty.
~2 classes max per racer, which classes will be subject to review each evening of the event.
~Clean up after yourself! Not just in your pit area, but in pit lane as well.
~Do not disturb the RD during a race.
~No yelling, pounding, kicking on the drivers stand, especially during a race.
~Nitro’s will not warm up until the RD says to start vehicles. RD will provide adequate time to warm vehicle up. It is recommended that you or your pit guy warms vehicles up outside the fence prior to race to help.

NOTE: *Any and all rules are subject to change in spirit of competitiveness and fun

Race Dates:
June 8th
June 22nd
July 6th
July 20th
August 17th
August 31st
September 14th
September 28th

Dates subject to weather and changes at any time.
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> Club Meeting Monday July 8th
Posted by lowblktaco - 07-6-13 08:17 - 1 comments
Need to discuss regionals happening next weekend
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> Meeting Minutes 6/10/2013
Posted by Sweetness5014 - 06-11-13 19:43 - 0 comments
Alright, seems as we have discussed enough to put together some notes!

We have now had our annual Hank Perry as well as our first club race of the year!

The Hank was successful as always with around 20 novice racers. Our entries totaled around 274.
The thing we always battle is the weather and even that held out for us to race all weekend without having to stop because of the track turning in to a lake.

The raffle was a hit with lots donated from:
RC Trim
SOR Graphics
TQ Hobbies
Byrons Fuel
Bluegrass Hobbies
B&B Hobbies
In Control Hobbies

And a large donation of equipment from:
Arrow Construction Supply
FMI Sales

Club racing-
Looks like I signed up just over 30 members. Welcome to the club ya'll!
We most definitely should have the club member shirts for the next club race. When I signed everyone up I took down the sizes. Whatever size you told me then is what you are getting!
Anyone who did not sign up for memberships at the first club race but still would like to join, either send me a message or make sure to make it out to the second race on the 22nd!

We had about 65 entries with a majority of them being newcomers.

Yes, the show ran a little long but with lots of transponders issues that will happen.
Please, to avoid issues, if you are running a house transponder make sure you are picking up the correct one assigned to you on the heat sheets! We will be hosting a meeting on the 22nd as part of the drivers meeting specific to those needing a house transponder to explain them.

The next club race we will be working on buttoning up the show.
Less waiting
No breaks between rounds
1-2 laps max for electric
3 minutes between races for nitro

There were a couple things that went really well:
-CORNER MARSHALING! Kudos to everyone! Awesome job being out there and ready after your race! I'm pretty sure it was one of the first times we weren't consistently having to wait for enough people to be out there to start a race. Although, make sure you stay at your spot until the very last car passes your area!

-The going away BBQ for Mr.Song. Cannot thank Aaron Lind enough for coordinating that, and Lloyd Spooner for manning the grill.

We are actually going to try doing a BBQ once a month for the entire season!

-The RD job. Awesome job on the mic Mr.Reynolds!

Last but not least...

1/10 ROAR Electric Regionals
Three day race from 6/12-6/14
Since this is a ROAR race you have to be a ROAR member. Your entry fee will include a weekend pass (membership)
We are not doing a rebuild for this race but are going to be doing some massive track maintenance the week before.

Classes include:
1/10th Stock Truck
1/10th Mod Truck
1/10th 2wd Stock Buggy
1/10th 2wd Mod Buggy
1/10th 4-mod Buggy
1/10th 2wd Stock Short Course
1/10th 2wd Mod Short Course
1/10th 4wd Short Course

More information is available at:

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> Club Meeting Monday June 10th 7 Pm
Posted by lowblktaco - 06-9-13 20:12 - 1 comments
SeverL things to discuss.
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> Club Meeting May 13th 7:00 Pm Steer Inn
Posted by lowblktaco - 05-5-13 08:51 - 1 comments
2nd Monday of the Month
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